Mar 9th 2023

March Newsletter (2023)

As we welcome March, we also say goodbye to winter and look forward to the arrival of spring. However, this year has been far from ordinary, with an unprecedented snowpack in the Western United States leading to a delayed onset of spring. With additional storms expected, it's crucial to remind riders about the potential dangers that come with warmer weather and significant snowpack, including an increased risk of avalanches.

The recent storms that closed out February and welcomed March have tragically resulted in a significant increase in avalanche fatalities for the season. Over the past two weeks, there have been four avalanche-related deaths in the United States, bringing the total to 14 this season. Here are the statistics for this season:

Update: On the date of this publication Utah reported its first avalanche fatality, bringing the national total to 15.

U.S. Avalanche Fatalities (W22–23)

Snowshoer / Hiker / Climber3
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Updated March 10, 2023

Unfortunately, as the weather becomes more volatile and the season shifts, we anticipate these numbers to rise. It's important to continue exercising caution and heeding the advice in avalanche forecasts as you make the most of these final rides.

Check Your Forecast

As the season nears a close, riders may start to feel complacent and let their guard down, shelving the safety strategies meant to keep them out of harm's way. However, it's important to avoid overconfidence and stay alert. We recommend refreshing your avalanche knowledge before your next ride. SnowBigDeal hosts a variety of resources and guides to ensure you're up to date on avalanche safety.

Pre-Ride Safety Check

Pre-Ride Avalanche Safety Check

The article emphasizes the importance of education and preparation for winter backcountry sports due to the frequent threat of avalanche danger and provides a pre-ride safety checklist that should be completed before any ride.

Performing a Rescue

Performing An Avalanche Rescue

The guide provides essential tips on what to do in case of an emergency situation where a person or a group member gets buried in an avalanche, emphasizing the importance of staying calm, using your head, and following the recommended steps to increase the chances of survival.

Spotting Avalanche Danger

Spotting Avalanche Danger

To prevent potential danger, the article advises taking a moment to learn and recognize the signs of avalanche danger before heading out to the hills, despite the excitement to get started.


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