Klim Krios Karbon Helmet (ECE/DOT) - Gloss Karbon Black

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The Krios Helmet is the benchmark for adventure motorcycle helmets, setting standards in strength, performance, and functionality while leaving traditional compromises behind. Four-ride-mode versatility, ventilation, and hand-laid carbon fiber construction make this one of the most capable adventure helmets ever made.


  • Reign or Shine | The Lightest ADV Helmet - Klim developed the Krios ADV Helmet to destroy the conventional performance parameters of the modern adventure touring helmet. Innovative construction techniques and supreme material sourcing combine in the ultimate multi-function and completely versatile adventure helmet. It's the only helmet weighing under 1500 grams in North America.
  • Ultra Vision - See the path clearly ahead through optically correct face-shield technology, coupled with and industry leading field of vision.
  • Feel at Home | Engineered Aero Acoustics - Focus on the road ahead and fully engage with the ride thanks to Klim's perfected Aero Acoustic performance. Combining sleek and stable aerodynamics, intelligent ventilation design, and a premium liner system, Klim makes it easy to keep riding mile after mile.
  • Tested, Tested, Tested - To perfect the premium ride quality of the Krios, ADV test riders revised and manipulated every component in the real-world to ensure features such as visors and modular systems didn't increase noise or reduce on-bike comfort. The result: Aero Acoustic and Aerodynamic excellence and high-level fit and finish ensure a premium experience on every ride.
  • Hand Built Precision - Klim's full-carbon Krios shell features a wide carbon weave at its core. Hand-laid for a perfectly consistent shell, each section utilizes optimal resin amounts to reduce weight and ensure uniform shell thickness and integrity.
  • Versatility Perfected - Mastering aerodynamics and functionality of visor-equipped helmets at high speeds is a huge challenge. Klim developed the Krios t utilize aerodynamic visor and spoiler attributes to stabilize and put riders' heads at ease.
  • Exceeding Expectations - Thanks to innovative construction techniques and premium materials, the Klim Krios meets or exceeds the most demanding ECE and DOT standards for motorcycle helmets at reduced weight compared to the competition.
  • Klim Custom Fit - Klimatek Fabric liner systems utlize adaptive smart foam technology and anti-microbial/bacterial fast-wicking textiles.
  • Quick Change - Klim's Krios helmet rebuilt the modular helmet mindest with a quick release shield and visor system requiring only a simple, 90 degree quarter-turn to lock/unlock. No tools required.
  • Feel the Flow - Krios was born for adventure and its intelligent ventilation system ensures riders will keep their cool when the terrain heats up. Adequate airflow through the chin bar vent and a closable top vent make it comfortable from slow-to-go.
  • Built for the Every Ride - Quickly transition from Street to Off-Road or to any of four riding modes quickly and without tools. Innovative Klim modular helmet technology allows riders to adapt the Krios to any riding need including Klim Radius Goggle use.
  • Shields Up - Premium Polycarbonate Anti-Scratch shield tech takes the lead with Pinlock ready systems standard to ensure a clear road ahead. Clear and Smoke options available.
  • Krios provides a premium experience through High Performance Carbon-Fiber construction, four ride mode versatility, aerodynamic superiority, and unrivaled acoustical and contact comfort.
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  • Manufacturer Part No: 3510-000 : 3510-000-013
  • UPC:
  • Manufacturer Part No: 3510-000 : 3510-000-013
The Klim Krios Helmet is the benchmark for adventure motorcycle helmets, setting standards in strength, performance, and functionality while leaving traditional compromises behind.
Klim Krios Karbon Helmet
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