SnowBigDeal Avalanche Rescue Shovel with Saw - Extendable

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You're Gonna Dig It - The SnowBigDeal Avalanche Rescue Shovel is an essential piece of avalanche safety gear. It is constructed with highly-durable, lightweight 6061 series aluminum. Our shovel has been durability tested extensively by the SnowBigDeal team to ensure it can truly handle the abuse of dense snow, avalanche debris, and even mud and dirt. The lightweight and consolidated design of the SBD Rescue Shovel makes it ideal and reasonable to be carried by any backcountry user, from skiers to snowmobilers.

3-In-1 Package - This compact snow shovel conceals an integrated backcountry saw for cutting wood, snow, or ice. The shovel can easily convert into chop/hoe mode, to move snow with less effort, or be used as a traditional snow shovel. The 3-in-1 nature of this shovel makes it a valuable tool for rescues in emergency avalanche scenarios. Backcountry recreationists should also carry a rescue shovel, probe, and avalanche beacon to save seconds when seconds count.


  • Lightweight & Heavy Duty: The blade, joints, and handle are optimized to take the abuse of dense snowpacks, heavy avalanche debris, wet snow, and mud and dirt.
  • Chop/Hoe Mode: The shovel can easily be configured into a traditional hoe for more efficient digging in shallow or soft snow.
  • Shovel With Saw: A saw blade attached to the shovel handle is stored inside the shovel shaft. The saw is designed for cutting through wood, snow, and ice.
  • Portable & Stowable: This 3-in-1 shovel offers a shovel, hoe, and saw in a lightweight, highly compact form.
  • Winter Snow Shovel: Designed specifically for backcountry ski and snowmobile use, but can be used for camping, backpacking, or as an emergency shovel for your car.


  • Shovel Length (Collapsed): 28.5 Inches (72.39cm)
  • Shovel Lenght (Extended): 34.5 Inches (87.63cm)
  • Blade Dimensions: 10" x 12" x 1.75"
  • Saw Blade Length: 13.75 Inches (34.93cm)
  • Color: Red
  • Material: 6061 Series Aluminum
  • Weight: 1.875 Pounds (850g)
  • UPC: 860001662870
  • Manufacturer Part No: SBD-020-010-000
  • UPC: 860001662870
  • Manufacturer Part No: SBD-020-010-000
SnowBigDeal Avalanche Rescue Shovel: You're Gonna Dig It! 3-in-1 Shovel, Hoe, and Saw.
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